Learn how to generate 20+ high quality leads every week for your digital agency from an agency owner who ACTUALLY still does it
(Yes, that's my sales team's real calendar)
Let's cut through the B.S. You should learn how to grow your agency from someone who is ACTUALLY still running and growing one, right?
Hey, I'm Jake Hare
Founder of Launchpeer (my agency) & Agency On Fire
I've run my own digital agency for 4 years.

The first 2 were hell.

I missed mortgage payments, had my electricity shut off multiple times, and I was on the verge of giving up (I even started applying for other jobs).

I was depressed, hated going into work, started hating my customers, wondered if maybe I just wasn't the right person to do this...

It didn't help that I saw OTHER agency owners seemingly doing way better than me and I couldn't figure out why.

(BTW, most of them are lying, they're not doing fine).

Now, you might not be doing as bad as I was, but I'll take a guess that you're probably feeling at least one of these things right now...
You get really excited when you get a sales call scheduled because they don't come around that often
You're finding yourself 'giving away the house' during sales calls because you just need to close a sale
You're on the 'agency roller coaster' where some weeks or months you're doing awesome, and others... well... not so much
Your wife/husband/mom/dad/friends have commented on how they're 'worried about you' because you're working so much and are constantly stressed out
You find yourself staring at your computer way too often not really sure what you should be doing to grow your agency
When you AREN'T just staring at your screen, you still aren't sure if the 80 hour weeks you're putting in are really amounting to measurable returns
Sound familiar?

That's because that was me.

Life sucked, to be frank.

But then things changed. 2 years into the business I threw everything out and started over and decided to stop listening to all the 'coaches who coach coaches how to coach' (you know what I'm talking about).

I figured it out.

Since then I've grown my agency from near failure to 20 employees and a 7 figure run rate, running profitably without needing me.

An agency I STILL run today, but have automated myself out of.

It brings in new sales almost daily and gives our customers great results WITHOUT me having to be there working 12 hour days.


By doing what I'm going to show you in the training.

Why am I doing this?

Because my life, and more importantly, my family's life was miserable before figuring this out. I don't want other people to go through that depression, anxiety, and fear if they don't have to. Period.

And for FULL TRANSPARENCY, after the training, if you want, I'd love to chat about how I can help you implement some of the stuff in the training.

Is that required? No. Other agency owners have watched the training, implemented what I teach, and gotten great results.

But my hope is once I give you some value and build the start of this relationship, that you will want to continue it. Fair?
Learn how to generate 20+ high quality leads every week for your digital agency from an agency owner who ACTUALLY still does it