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Jake Hare, Founder of Agency On Fire
This is a real convo I had with my wife in early 2016 after having our electricity shut off for the 3rd time...
This isn't working. I think I might have to shut this down...
Why? What's going on?
We can't get a lead to save our lives, and when we do they have no money and we have to work months to get them to sign.

We don't have months. We have days. I don't know if I'm going to be able to make payroll. Might have to dip into our savings again...
We don't really have anything left. Is there anything you can do?
Maybe, but I have no idea if it'll work, kind of a big risk. We'd basically be using all the rest of our money to do it.

If it doesn't work, it's over.
Do it. We don't really have a choice right?
All this happened a year after I started my agency.

Our family's electricity had just been shut off for the 3rd time, and we were behind on our mortgage... again.

I was robbing Peter to pay Paul, over and over again. We were in a repetative cycle because I just didn't know how to grow my agency.

A great $30K month was followed by a terrible $10K month, followed by a $50K month followed by a month with no new revenue.

I was lost and had no idea how to get a reliable stream of revenue, and that all started with one thing.


I couldn't generate qualified leads to save my life. Sure, a few would trickle in now and then, mostly from me hustling by going to events, talking to people, getting referrals, but it just wasn't enough to provide the stream of new projects we needed to thrive.

Desperation was high. Options were few. I started applying for jobs and planning my agency's demise while simultaneously making crazy changes to our business I never thought would work.

Within a month we had our best month ever.

Then another best month.

And another.

Within 6 months we went from a team of 4 to a team of 12 and growing fast. We opened our first office in downtown, and had to move out of it within a few months because it was too small (a problem I was totally cool to have).

It was insane. I went from the depths of despair, depression, anxiety, and fear to huge highs. I went from paying myself almost nothing to paying myself more than I made at my previous job.

We had enough to take a vacation overseas to Greece with our two kids (almost forgot what it felt like to NOT work).
I even got a dream interview on Mixergy after they learned about our growth, which was a huge dream come true for any entrepreneur.

So why the F*%K should you care?

Because if you're an agency owner I want to help you.

Building and growing an agency sucks, and the only people I know who can understand this are other agency owners. My best friends, mentors, and confidants are other agency owners because they 'get me'.

Long hours, @sshole clients, past due invoices, hiring and firing, and on and on. The challenges of building and growing an agency never seem to end.

I'm not going to say I'm an expert in all that stuff, honestly I'm still trying to figure some of it out, working to get better every day.

But there is one thing I have figured out, and have gotten very good at.

Lead generation.

Lead generation for agencies can be reliable, repeatable, and give you the freedom you want.

When I started my agency all I wanted was to service awesome customers, get them to fall in love with our work, and live the life I felt me and my family deserved.

All that started to happen for me once I put our lead generation system in order.

So let me teach you how to do it.

I'm sure you're thinking "Jake, if you teach me to get leads, aren't you helping me compete with your agency?"


There are PLENTY of leads out there, seriously, and I couldn't and wouldn't want to service all of them anyway. Also, for many of them we're not the right fit anyway.

Also, here's a normal week for a SINGLE MEMBER of our sales team... we have more leads than we know what to do with (names blocked out to protect the innocent ;)
Selfishly, I want to help you because I'm an entrepreneur, and I obviously hope helping you turns into more opportunities for you to hire me to help grow your agency.

Unselfishly, I don't want you to miss mortgage payments, have your electricity shut off 3 times, go into unnecessary amounts of debt, have to deal with very tough conversations with your spouse about shutting down your company like the one I showed you above. At the very least, I don't want you to have the anxiety that comes with not knowing when leads are coming in, and how you'll close them.

So let me help you. You have nothing to lose.
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